April Newsletter

He is Risen!  He is Risen Indeed!

What a month March was!  Snowstorms punctuating every weekend; the cold of winter getting to us; the driving rain storms; and then there it was:  the last day of March.  Easter, or Resurrection day.  For those that braved the early morning sunrise service, it was a beautiful sight.  No storm, but a brilliant warm sun that blazed the sky and brought a warm day into the offing.  March may have come in like a lion, but it was out like a lamb.   It is so fitting that it was on this day we celebrated that Jesus, our Saviour and sacrificial lamb, rose from the dead.  He is risen indeed!

At the Centre, we had an energetic crowd for our Easter service.  Flags were flying as the children joined us in rejoicing and singing our praises to God.  On Maundy Thursday, we offered communion on the downtown streets of New Bedford for the second year.  While the number of people we encountered was much less than last year due to the hour and weather, we found that the responses were very much the same.    We look forward to doing this at another time during the daylight hours to reach more people and offer them an opportunity to know the love of Christ.

Love 365. That’s what it’s all about.  Sharing God’s love with everyone you know all of the time every day of the year.  Come join the movement!


Missional Church 1.2

What Road are you on? What Road are you Leading Others On?

Missional Church 1.1

Tangible Kingdom  “Sent”

The INTRO defines “missional people” as individuals actively committed to living a “sent” life in the context of community. It seems like both a necessary and appropriate starting point for our study. Here’s an important thought from today’s reading:

“The foundation of a missional life is the decision to offer to God our plans in exchange for his plans. It requires that we are willing to leave our world so he can send us to extend his Kingdom. Whether we choose to engage the call is up to us.”

The authors also noted that for the vast majority of Christians the challenge to discover and faithfully live out a missional call can be confusing and often frustrating. I think the key may be found in this exchange. If we are not willing to exchange our plans for his plans, we can probably expect a journey of confusion and frustration. While there will certainly still be ups and downs, it’s a journey designed to be walked in surrender to the fact that God’s ways are worth following.

I find myself encouraged. Why? The third question from the journal section was, “What things have you had to give up to follow God?” The truth is, most of us have given up something. I know, I know, that sounds a bit “pious” yet incomplete… but it’s true. While there is much more to “give” and I’m sure some have given more than others… most of us can identify at least one point in our life where we chose His path instead of ours. That’s a good thing. If we’ve done it before… we can do it again… and we’re capable of making it a lifestyle.

And the better news: Even if we’ve always lived our lives for ourselves, and never really chosen His ways, we can still start now.

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